Manuscript Critique
Anika Fajardo—Manuscript Copyedit

Open to: Prose.

Word Limit: Please check on projects more than 100,000 words

What You’ll Submit: A completed or partial manuscript.

What You’ll Get: Copyediting your work for spelling, grammar, punctuation as well as syntax, flow, and continuity. Anika Fajardo provides copyediting of your manuscript to ensure your prose is free from spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, or layout errors. Using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature, you'll be able to see and learn from the corrections and edits, as well as respond to any questions posed in the comments. When your manuscript is as close to done as you can make it, Fajardo will help ensure it's ready to shine.

Pricing: Loft manuscript critique consists of a flat base price, plus a per word fee. You can enter your word count below and the system will calculate your price. 

  • $63/hr - Submit a 2-5 page sample in MS Word to and total word count for exact pricing


  • Prose up to 3,000 words: two weeks
  • Prose up to 10,000 words: four weeks
  • Prose up to 50,000 words: five weeks
  • Prose up to 100,000 words: eight weeks