Manuscript Critique
Anika Fajardo—Manuscript Copyedit

Open to: Prose.

Word Limit: None. 

What You’ll Submit: A 2-5 page sample for an estimate. Please include total word count. Followed by complete manuscript, preferably in Microsoft Word format. 

What You’ll Get: Your manuscript will be expertly copyedited or proofed. What is a copyeditor? A copyeditor is your manuscript’s first reader. Because a copyeditor is an expert in grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage, and style, she is often confused with a proofreader. She reads your work from the perspective of the reader and watches for inconsistencies in language, logic, story, and setting. Fajardo is a certified copyeditor who will help to ensure that your ideas are accurately conveyed to your intended audience and that your work follows style norms based on in-house guidelines or standard style guides such as Chicago Manual of Style. Fajardo specializes in memoir/creative nonfiction, writing for children (middle-grade), and academic/professional reports and papers. She also edits citations (CMOS, APA, MLA). You’re ready for a copyeditor if you need professional, accurate prose for any project, or are planning on self-publishing your work. Fajardo also provides proofreading, which is a final check for spelling, formatting, typos, and other errors in format or typesetting (proofreading does not check for grammar, usage, or language).

Pricing: Note that an estimate is required before paying; please see above for clarification about whether you want proofreading or a fully copy-edit. 

  • $63/hr - Submit a 2-5 page sample in MS Word to and total word count for an estimate


  • Prose up to 3,000 words: two weeks
  • Prose up to 10,000 words: four weeks
  • Prose up to 50,000 words: five weeks
  • Prose up to 100,000 words: eight weeks