Youth Programs

Join us for summer 2020 at the Loft!

The Loft's Young Writers’ Program consists of week-long writing camps that take place over five weeks in the summer. Due to the current public health concerns around COVID-19, we have moved our Young Writers’ Program online.

Most classes will take place using a combination of Zoom and Google Classroom, depending on age range and specific needs of the class. 

Our classes are generally broken down into suggested age ranges of 6–8, 9–11, 12–14, 13–17, and 15–17 years. Like all of our other programming this summer, Loft/MCBA Combo classes will take place online and happen in partnership with the Minnesota Center for Book Arts and include both writing instruction and hands-on book arts activities and instruction.

While we would love to gather in person this summer, we're excited to have the opportunity to connect with each other as we read, write, and share our stories! Whether you're interested in writing your own fantasy series, creating a graphic novel, or performing your own poetry, we have something for you!. For information about any of our youth programming, please call 612-379-8999.

Announcing Additional Scholarships

We know that the current public health crisis has caused a lot of uncertainty, financial and otherwise. In order to address these new uncertainties and assist families and students in connecting with our youth programming, we are significantly expanding our scholarship opportunities. In addition to our regular scholarship program, we are grateful to be able to offer additional scholarships that will provide a 95 percent reduction in class tuition to students and families who are in need of financial assistance this summer.

In order to access these scholarships, students do not need to provide proof of income or income loss. Just email or call our education line at 612-379-8999 with the name of the class you would like to register for, and you will be provided with a scholarship code that you may use upon registration. Please note that these scholarships can only be applied to youth classes. We are asking that families limit themselves to one scholarship per individual student.

Register Online

Visit the link below. Under the "Category" menu, select "Youth." Then, click the "Filter" button to view our classes for young writers.

The Loft's Young Writers' Program

We have a number of new classes to explore, and lots of returning favorites. This summer, we're rethinking the superhero (and creating our own!), confronting what it means to be writing—and living—in the time of climate change, making our own books with the help of our friends at MCBA, and even writing our own movies! 

Check out our full listings here:

Students with Special Needs

Youth students with special needs, disabilities, and serious allergies are always welcome at the Loft! Please call us to discuss how the Loft can accommodate the needs of your child or teen (hearing/sight impairments, children with PCAs, learning challenges) in order for them to participate and enjoy Loft classes! Reach us at 612-379-8999.


Families or individuals enrolled in a public assistance program (including Free & Reduced Lunch) are eligible for 95% scholarships toward Loft summer youth classes. For more information, call or email us at 612-379-8999 or