Youth Programs

Join us this winter at the Loft!

We have a number of exciting writing classes on the schedule this winter. Due to the current public health concerns around COVID-19, we have moved all youth classes online, and they will remain online until September 1st, 2021. While we would love to gather in person, we're excited to have the opportunity to connect with each other as we read, write, and share our stories! All youth programming during the remainder of the academic school year will take place on weekday afternoons and evenings. Even stuck inside, we can let our imaginations soar! For information about any of our youth programming, please call 612-379-8999.

Most classes will take place using a combination of Zoom and Google Classroom, depending on age range and specific needs of the class. 

Register Online

Visit the link below for a list of available youth classes.

Announcing Additional Scholarships

We know that the current public health crisis has caused a lot of uncertainty, financial and otherwise. In order to address these new uncertainties and assist families and students in connecting with our youth programming, we are significantly expanding our scholarship opportunities. In addition to our regular scholarship program, we are grateful to be able to offer additional scholarships that will provide a 95 percent reduction in class tuition to students and families who are in need of financial assistance this summer.

These scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis. Just like our fall class schedule, expanded scholarship opportunities will be announced on a quarterly basis. At this point, fall youth classes are available with expanded scholarships.

In order to access these scholarships, students do not need to provide proof of income or income loss. Just email or call our education line at 612-379-8999 with the name of the class you would like to register for, and you will be provided with a scholarship code that you may use upon registration. Please note that these scholarships can only be applied to youth classes. We are asking that families limit themselves to one scholarship per individual student, per month.

To receive regular, year-round scholarship opportunities, you are also welcome to apply for scholarships through our standard scholarship program. In order to qualify for our standard scholarship pool, proof of enrollment in a public assistance program must be provided. For more information about how to apply and how standard scholarships are awarded, please visit our scholarship page here.

Young Writers’ Program 2021 Summer Writing Camps Coming Soon

All Loft programming, including youth classes, will be taking place online until September 1st. Our summer writing camps will be delivered in an online only format this summer. We’re excited to welcome new and returning students to our summer camps in 2021. Schedule and details coming soon.

Check out our full listings here:

Introducing Loft After School

Loft youth programming is now being offered under the name "Loft After School." These multi-session classes meet on weekday afternoons and evenings and include teen writing groups, story-telling classes, and more. Join us this month!